Original Diagnostic Scanners Vs Grey Imports (Launch & Autel)

What are grey imports?

  • “Grey” products are usually sourced directly from overseas suppliers instead of the authorised local distributor.
  • What most people don’t realize, is that many “fly-by-night” sellers and even sellers that appear to be official are in fact not.

What are the negatives of buying from a non-official reseller/grey import?

  • Many “grey” products have a chance of being cloned/non-original devices. These can have the same appearance but usually experience software update issues after a few months (the buyer is usually left unhappy with the seller nowhere to be found).
  • On many occasions, scanners are sold for specific markets, so the software and updates can be different to what is best for the local market.
  • When you lose a VCI or need a specific part, usually the importers of grey products don’t have spares on hand and you will not be able to get support from the local distributor or head office then.

This is expensive equipment, rather pay a little bit more from an official distributor and get the right support.