Launch X431

Launch x431

Offical Launch X431 Statement

“Founded in 1993, Launch Tech was the first professional high-tech company in China for the R&D, production and sale of a full range of automobile diagnosis, testing and cleaning equipment. Listed on the Hong Kong stock market in 2002, Launch Tech has become one of the first domestic enterprises which successfully financed in Hong Kong.” – LaunchTech


Why We Like Launch X431

  • Launch x431 was one of the first independent companies to release universal diagnostic tools in the 1990’s, they have always had a large market share with plenty of experience in the industry
  • One of the main reasons to why Launch x431 is so popular is that they are very well priced. In terms of value for money, you wont find better.
  • They dont just offer car diagnostic tools, but truck diagnostic software as well! They also offer a large range of garage equipment

  • Launch X431 Pro tabletLaunch X431 PRO tablet with connector
    R20,900.00 ex.VAT

    Launch X431 Pro S (New 2016 V2.0 Model Scanner) + 3 Year FREE Updates

  • R31,000.00 ex.VAT

    Launch X431 Pro 3