• R39,500.00 ex.VAT

    Launch X431 Ultimate (Truck & Car Software Combination)

    The Launch X431 Ultimate (Truck & Car Software Combination) is a brand new advanced automotive fault diagnostic tool based on Android system. It passes on Launch advantages in automotive fault diagnostic technology, such as wide car model coverage, powerful function, abundant special function and accurate test data.

    Main Features

    • Works on Trucks, Petrol and Diesel
    • Read & Clear Fault Codes & provide
    • Provides Descriptions & Causes of Faults
    • Actuation / Component Testing
  • R48,000.00 ex.VAT

    F7S-G (12V Passenger & Light Commercial Vehicles & 24V Heavy Duty Vehicles)

    F7S-G, a brand new FCAR diagnostic tablet platform, based on Android system, communicate via WIFI and Bluetooth, powerful basic and special functions for all vehicles, diagram wiring, remote support and online update, provides customers with all-in-one diagnostic solutions and maintenance service. Coverage for Asian, European, American cars and trucks manufactures.

    Main Function: 

    • ECU programming & reset
    • Smart Key programming
    • Tests engines, transmission and ABS exhaust
    • Quick test functions such as TPMS and throttle match to save time and cost
  • ps90 xtoolps90 tablet
    R30,000.00 R24,000.00 ex.VAT

    Xtool PS90 Heavy Duty


    Xtool PS90 HD is a high-end new truck auto diagnostic device developed by Xtool based on Android system and internet application. It combines Xtool’s vast vehicle coverage, strong diagnostic function, many special functions and modern high quality together. Xtool PS90 is a perfect diagnostic solution for smart technologies and smart repairs.

    Main Features

    • Auto key programming/immobilizer
    • Oil reset
    • Reads /erases fault codes
    • Scans engine
    • Turns off service lights
    • Scans auto transmission
    • Turns off SRS airbag lights
    • Turns off ABS lights
    • Live data stream
    • Mileage Adjustment
    • Battery reset